Modgy Louis C. Tiffany Expandable Vases Set of Four

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The Modgy Louis C. Tiffany Expandable Vases - Set of Four are attractive and economical options for both everyday use and special occasions. Made of translucent plastic, they arrive flat. Simply fill them with water and they expand to stable and reusable vases that are durable and strong enough to hold a flower bouquet with no worries about chipping or breaking. Comes in a set of four. Approx. 10" high and 6" wide when filled. When not in use your vases store flat in the reusable sleeve. Care: rinse with water and dish soap. Leave open to dry. Made from BPA-free plastic.

This set of three vases features a variety of Louis C. Tiffany’s designs including Poppy, Dragonfly, Magnolia, and Iris Landscape. The Poppy and Dragonfly vases are inspired by lamps from Tiffany Studios while the Iris Landscape and Magnolia vases are inspired by Tiffany Studios windows.

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