Charley Harper Brass Baffling Belly Ornament Adornment

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Beautiful brass Baffling Belly ornament adornment featuring the art of Charley Harper. Perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, a year round decoration in your window, or even to wear as a pendant. These timeless ornaments come in a gift box, with a cord for hanging, and descriptive Charley Harper card. “This is the bird with the belly that baffles beginning birders, so its zebra back is turned toward you to avoid a credibility crisis: could you ever again trust the names of the golden-cheeked warbler, the rufous-sided towhee, the rose-breasted grosbeak – even the blue-footed-booby – after seeing the red-belly’s belly? It’s almost all white!”

Dimensions: H: 3 1/2” x W: 1 3/4”

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