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There has been a long tradition of using organic shapes in the decorative arts; the Egyptians used the papyrus leaf and flower, the Romans played with the leaves and fruit of grapes, and in the late 19th century, William Morris stylized acanthus leaf shapes and created a dazzling array of designs. This Arts & Crafts Ginkgo Leaf Plate has a more modern outlook. It is not about stylizing the leaf, but rather enjoying the patterns that the actual leaves evoke. Made of solid brass and a hand applied verdigris finish, the Ginkgo Leaf Plate is for decorative use only. Dimensions: 8" diameter. Made in USA.

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Nancy Brun 17th Feb 2019

Great service

I ordered this Frank Lloyd Wright plate to match one I had gotten as a gift. It is perfect, as described, and came quickly and in good condition. I was very impressed with the excellent service of this vendor and would definitely recommend them.

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