Art Nouveau Mosaic Leaves Ceramic Tile Switchplate

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The Mosaic Leaves Ceramic Tile Switchplate features a ceramic tile that is fired, painted, and glazed by hand. This distinct switchplate is handmade by a small family owned Canadian ceramic company. The pattern of dark blue, slate, rust, and green leaves lying on the ground accented by a sage green beveled edge. The tumbling and playful leaves on an earth tone background form a design that will add a decorative accent to any room. Includes 6-32 x 1extra-length nylon screws. Screws can be cut to length with scissors if needed. Do NOT over-tighten on ceramic switch plates.


Single: H 4.75" x W 3.25", Double: H 4.75" x W 3.25", Triple: H 4.75" x W 3.25".

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Lynette Chandler 21st Aug 2020

Beautiful Switchplate

This is my second leaves switchplate. They are very well made and look great on the wall. Almost like having a painting for a lightswitch.

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